FanDuel - Online Sportsbook Review

Sports betting is not just about winning the bet or deciding which team will win, but it also entails spreading your risk by deciding the margin of a win. Most players do not know the basic rules of online sports betting or fantasy sports – as they only select their players and move on to wait for the game – but FanDuel offers more than a basic bet. On the site, you will find rules of the game and a thorough definition of terms. They allow weekly team drafts to give you the ideal chance to select winner each time.

The site offers an online betting platform for several games including basketball, baseball, football, soccer, boxing, golf, hockey, tennis, and wrestling. You will find teams such as Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets, Chicago Bears, Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings, Carolina Panthers, and Cincinnati Bengals for the NFL as well as Kansas City Royals, Pittsburg Pirates, and New York Mets for MLB.

The site only offers sports betting to New Jersey residents at the moment but the rest of the country can access the sportsbook for all updates on what’s happening on the selected leagues and predictions on the next game. Also, player profiles are available to make it easy to select a player for the next fantasy selection.

How FanDuel Works

Since the site is available through mobile devices, you only have to access the site, choose a contest among the many available, select your players, and then watch as the game unfolds. You can either bet on a winner, margin of loss or win, and moneyline.

Naturally, you will have to fund your account to bet, but the site also offers several options where you can play for free to perfect your skills before wagering the big bucks. While these free games are not as extensive as the paid ones, they give first-time players some valuable experience. Rookies get the chance to play as they learn the ropes and if you are a quick study, you could earn a little money along the way.

You have several game options; tournaments – high wagers but guaranteed prizes, beat the score to spread your risk but share winnings with other players, go head-to-head with a selected opponent where winner takes all, or choose to play against several other players.

Interactive Platform

Players get to interact as they play. You can choose to play against your friends while trash-talking each other on the platform all the while. You get to choose your team weekly and so you have the chance to remove weak links and avoid injuries. This platform not only helps you up your game, but it also helps you make friends with fellow fantasy sports players.


  • Has a thorough definition of terms to benefit new players.
  • Easy to play
  • Interaction with others and the chance to play friends and foe.
  • Game variety


  • Sports betting on the platform is only available in New Jersey at the moment
  • Weekly selection only, as opposed to daily play.
  • If you want to improve your betting lingo and knowledge of sports, FanDuel is the ideal site to check.