DraftKings - Online Sportsbook Review

If you are into sports, then you may have at one time – or still do – play fantasy sports. It’s all about picking your preferred team out of a large number of prolific players an earning points from their actual performance.

Although it feels like just a fun sport that you can practice on your laptop, winning requires picking your players strategically the same way you would choose your stocks on the market. Unfortunately, the game has only been season-long for the longest time, but Draft Kings decided to extend it so that players can enjoy their game a little longer.

How DraftKings Works

Draft Kings works with sports across board, and so every popular sport is presented. The player enters a draft to select their preferred player depending on their salary valuations – which is based on performance – and then the contest locks. This signifies the end of the draft season officially. The player will gain points based on their team’s performance. The key is in selecting the right players. Instead of waiting for weekly games and seasonal charts, players can do this daily. On regular fantasy sports, you can only select a team weekly or depending on when the sport is being played.

The site offers ten of the most popular sports in major parts of the world, among them American football, basketball, soccer, golf, baseball, racing, and wrestling. The regular leagues on the site include the NFL, NBA, EPL, MMA, NAS, GOLF, and NHL. You also get to bet on your favorite high school games as well as Canadian Football.

To allow as many as possible to access the site and participate on daily bets, Draft Kings is available on android, App store, and Google Play. You only need to download the App once then play daily as long as you like. After you have created an account and selected your players, you are free to start playing.

Typically, you fund your account by depositing a certain amount of money into it before playing. For first-timers, the first $5 deposit earns you an extra $3 to use in the next three games. The bonus is redeemable within a year but not for cash – for betting only.

Why Draft Kings Makes Sense

If you are committed to the game and like fantasy sports, then you would be happier playing more than once a week. The founders give clear and interesting commentary that improves your knowledge of the game and interaction with players. It also improves your league-long fantasy sports betting by improving your selection skills as well as giving you the chance to familiarize yourself with your not-so-popular players. Add the thrill of earning some cash on the side daily, and the deal becomes sweeter. You also get to play against people on your skill-level as well as organize contests against your friends.

While Draft Kings makes betting easier – due to regular practice – it cannot replace the thrill of playing the league-long sport alongside your favorite players (nor does it seek to do that, as per the founders). It simply improves your knowledge of sports so you can earn those all-important bragging points the next time you talk sports.